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The factory of Henan Huirun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is located in Kaifeng

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Kaifeng Huanglong manufacture sites is Kaifeng economical technology developed area Huanglong Industrial Park,which is approved by Goverment of Henan province in 2002,and also is one of Industrial Parks which is verified and keeped by National Development and Reform Commission in 2005;It is one of 24 Opening and imporment Industril Park in 180 whole industrial parks of Henan Province.also is the east beginning of  economic corridor of Zheng Bian Luo and important area of New Town of Kaifeng.Include 4 villages area,with 9 kilometers from Kaifeng center,14.23 square kilometers.
These years,Huanglong Industrial Park depend on the background of ZhengBian incorporate,gained huge outbreak,which include Centralized layout of enterprises,Industrial cluster development association,resource economical useing,Industrial and urban development incorporate.Project contruction for guide,industrial adjustion for primary line, as infrastructure construction for supporter,Gradually formed a leading industry prominent, industrial agglomeration effect is obvious, industrial and urban integration development, reasonable industrial structure and attract new jobs full of new situation.
                                        The goal and direction of Huanglong Industrial Park

Focus on traffic location advantages and agglomeration advantages of agricultural resources, to extend the
industrial chain combination and improve the industrial
investment, and actively promote the transformation
from "point" to "chain", carefully build and cultivate
the coal chemical industry, deep processing ofagricultural products logistics and its three pillar industries.\

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