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Ceftiofur sodium for injection

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【Chinese】Ceftiofur sodium for injection
【CAS NO.】 104010-37-9
【Quality standard】CPV2010  
【description】 white or pale yellow crystalline powder, soluble in water, the concentration of 10% solution of clarification
【pharmacological action】this product is a compound preparation of bactericidal anti-inflammatory, antipyretic analgesic, cephalosporins cefuroxime sodium for veterinary clinical special away between the seconds of the third generation of cephalosporin antibiotics, broad-spectrum efficient antiseptic effect, the G + bacteria and G - bacteria including beta lactam mold strains of bacteria have a strong exterminate action, this product after muscle and subcutaneous injection absorb quickly, to achieve effective blood concentration peak of 0.5-0.5 hours. The whole body are widely distributed, is the best drug in the clinical treatment of bacterial disease.
Pharmacokinetic muscle note 15 minutes the rapid absorption, generated in the plasma level of metabolites, take off the furoyl cephalosporins thiamethoxam cefuroxime (DesfuroyiceftiofuyDfc), Dfc further form the activity of Dfc and a half to take off the amino acid content, disulfide this product by the urinary and fecal expelled.
【Limited】 is mainly used in intestinal system, urogenital system and its systemic infection.
1, chicken pullorosis artificially infected in e. coli, duck infectious serositis, chicken cholera, typhoid and paratyphoid and poultry, sudden death, layer chicken fatigue, unexplained death, sepsis, etc.
2, streptococcus suis, vice hemophilus pleura pneumonia, dysentery, piglets huangbai, piglet paratyphoid, dropsy, flow line of unknown high fever, enteritis, etc.
【usage and dosage】 mix drink: 100 kg per 100 g water, concentrated or drink freely, once a day, stay for 3 to 5 days
Mixed feeding: mixing materials 300 kg per 100 g, concentrated or drink freely, once a day, stay for 3 to 5 days
【notes】to penicillin enzyme instability.
【in】 85.0% or higher 


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