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【CAS NO 】965-52-6
【Quality standard】 EP
【properties】yellow crystalline powder
【pharmacological action】 it has a promoting growth, improving feed reward, prevention of diarrhea, maintain effective role, is only a special new type of efficient legal animal feed additives.
(1) nitrate cefuroxime role effect is good. Used in animal breeding has significant effect on disease prevention, promote growth effect, have higher economic benefit. Nitrate injunctions together, a lot of contrast test showed that effect is better than that of tylosin, flavomycin and other commonly used antimicrobial agents.
(2) nitrate cefuroxime wide scope of application. Nitrate cefuroxime's unique wide application range, not only can be in pigs, chickens, ducks and other animals in the application, also can be applied in fish, shrimp and other aquatic animals, and can be used at all stages of the animal growth and nitrate cefuroxime qi envoy with period is longer than the other.
(3) the cefuroxime nitrate residue is low. Basic is not absorbed in the animal gut, short residence time, discharge quickly after work, nitrate cefuroxime remain extremely low in the organization. Seven days before the slaughter outage.
(4) nitrate cefuroxime resistance is low. To gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria such as a variety of pathogenic microorganisms antimicrobial sensitivity is very high, it can effectively kill, nitrate cefuroxime qi and pathogenic microorganism resistance is extremely low, can be used for a long time and good effect.
(5) nitrate cefuroxime envoy with high safety. Is efficient and low toxicity of chemical drugs, the use of low dose and high dose, and so on the use of more convenient, safe, and no carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic and other side effects.
(6) nitrate cefuroxime input-output optimal. General conditions can improve the feed efficiency more than 8%, has a good input-output ratio, economic benefit is obvious
【Limited 】1, nitrate cefuroxime qi, prevention and treatment of e. coli, salmonella, pasteurella (including bacillus on the Richter scale), gas bacillus, proteus, necrosis bacillus and staphylococcus aureus caused by intestinal and urinary system diseases. Nitrate injunctions together, can effectively prevent diarrhea, promote animal feeding.
2, nitrate bacteria, vibrio of qi treatment of aquatic animals and fungi cause intestinal and systemic disease, drug susceptibility effect in water is much higher than other antimicrobials.
3, nitrate cefuroxime qi, prevention of chicken coccidiosis, leucocyte protozoon white coronary disease and caecum hepatitis caused by disease.
4, nitrate cefuroxime has wide antimicrobial spectrum, high antibacterial activity, antibacterial concentration is low. And sulfa drugs, quinolone drugs and other antibiotics without cross resistance. Almost not influenced by other organic antibacterial force, stable effect.
【usage and dosage】 20% preparation chicken flesh duck: 50-100 - g/ton full price feed, mixed evenly. Suckling pig piglet: 150-200 g/ton full price feed, mixed evenly. Middle pig big pig: 100 a, 150 g/ton full price feed, mixed evenly. Aquatic animals: 50-100 g/ton full price feed, mixed evenly.
【notes】 avoid is mixed with nalidixic acid, avoid antagonism. 7 days prior to slaughter outage.
【in】 98.5-101.5%

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