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Lnosine pranobex

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【Chinese】Lnosine pranobex
【 CAS NO.】36703-88-3
【Quality standard 】 CP2010
【 characteristics 】 for pure white fine crystal
[pharmacological action] this product is a kind of antiviral drugs, besides because of its direct antiviral action, action and also its phase, main is to enhance cellular immune function. In addition, it can strengthen the family of the splitting factor caused by the proliferation of, add antibody formation, and increase the lymphatic activation factor generated.
1, the antiviral effect Isopropyl inosine mainly through indirect improve antiviral host immune function, but can't rule out some direct effects. Function of T lymphocytes decreased during virus infection, isopropyl inosine immunosuppressive state restoration, inhibit viral RNA synthesis within infected cells, moreover can enhance the effect of interferon. Can inhibit DNA virus in cell culture (herpes simplex virus, adenovirus, vaccinia virus), RNA viruses (rhinovirus, influenza a and b viruses, polio, measles, mumps virus).
2, immune regulating function (1) effect on immune function in vitro: lymphocytes of static effect, but can enhance the plant haemagglutinin or antigen triggered an immune response, promote the differentiation and proliferation of T lymphocytes, T lymphocytes of produce destruction. Can activate TH cells in vitro and can improve the function of T cells inhibit, therefore considered T cells of the regulator. Can increase production of lymphatic activin, enhance macrophage activity and the function of natural killer cells, improve the effect of interferon.
(2) on the immune function in animal body, the influence of treatment with isopropyl inosine mice infected with influenza virus, increase the reaction of the spleen cell proliferation of influenza antigen 3 times, can be completely reverse the immunosuppression caused by virus.
(3) on the immune function of human: contact the influenza virus pathogenic volunteers, treatment with isopropyl inosine in 3 ~ 6 days, caused by a virus obviously increase the lymphocyte proliferation and infected cells lymphotoxin also dramatically increased. Ⅰ type or Ⅱ herpes simplex virus infection patients after treatment with isopropyl inosine, peripheral lymphocytes in PHA induced by increased by 138%; Response to the antigen of herpes, lymphatic activate a 63% increase in the produce of grain and lymph toxin.
【 applicable disease 】 1. Used for a variety of viral infections, including subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, acute viral meningitis, herpes zoster, skin, influenza and thrush, herpes virus keratitis, uveitis, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), immunodeficiency disease, etc.
2. As a therapeutic agent for malignant lymphoma, multiple myeloma, early malignant melanoma, and surgical treatment of esophagus cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, thyroid cancer patients after surgery.
【Veterinary drug usage and dosage 】  formula recommended: recommend the product treatment with appropriate drugs to viral diseases, such as cooperate with fluorine benzene nicol, and azithromycin treatment of blue ear disease secondary to the respiratory tract diseases; And quinolone compound with the subsequent treatment of diarrhea virus
【 in 】 97% 

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