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address:Huiji District, Zhengzhou City Babao Vanguard Logistics Culture Park Building 2, No. 227
telephone:0371-86670600 86670599 86670588
Phone:187688626696 13837488618 15333862554


Our production base of Henan Huirun Pharmaceutial Co.,Ltd.is located in Yuanqu road ,Xiangfu district, Kaifeng City.Our Sales  Office in eight Fort million breeding logistics park,convenient trans portation,logistics,delivery quickly.Mainly engaged in animalmedicine,pharmaceutical raw meterials,feed additives and other products of sales and import and export business.Agents have domestic famous drug manufacturers more than 200 kinds of products.Due to  company development,so we recruit face social  emplyment :
Network Promotion: 2 persons
Internet Sales:         2 persons
Sales respresentative of area:5 persons
Responsibility Post:
1、Keep good relationship with old customers,develop new customers;
2、Effecient communication with customers through telephone,social media,be on a visit;understand customers needs,waitting for chances,gain sales achievment.
3、Periodical communication with customers,keep long terms cooperate relationship.
1、Speeking Putonghua  fluently,clear enunciation,age between 20 to 40;
2、Passionate for sales working;
3、With strong study capacity,excellent communication ability;
4、Strong character, quick thinking, good adaptability and pressure bearing ability;     
5 、Keen market insight, strong sense of dedication, responsibility and positive work attitude, and relevant sales experience is preferred.
Working time: 8:30-12:00   14:00-18:00
Generous salary,Once hired .Welcome calling for inquiry.
Contacts:Teacher Li
Tel:18625514533   18768862696  0371-86670600
Address:Bordeaux Town Building No.13,Huayuan Road No.216,Zhengzhou

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